Voiced by: Akiko Yajima, (Japanese), Leah Clark

Involvement in PlotEdit

A six year old boy when he debuted in the story,


with black hair and black eyes, Arua is an Alpha Stigma bearer from Runa Empire. Runa, a religious empire, branded him as a monster because of his Alpha Stigma, and captured him for experimentation. His friend, Kuku, bumped into Ryner and Ferris and begged them to save Arua, which they gladly did. Arua witnessed his parents' deaths in front of his own eyes, and almost went berserk until Ryner rescued him. After being saved by Ryner and Ferris, he learned magic from Ryner and trained his physical body under the tutelage of Ferris, who said she did not want to leave all the training to Ryner in case Arua was "infected by his perversion" from coming into too close contact with him, all this to save Kuku from the Orla siblings, Sui and Kuu. Thus he sees himself as their disciple. Ryner remarked that even the most talented magic user would require at least a year before he is able to see the particles of light that are used for magic. But for an Alpha Stigma bearer, this becomes an inborn ability, thus enabling Arua to start learning all spells immediately.

After saving Kuku, together with Kuku and Iris, he defected to Roland and lived in the Eris mansion. Later, after Ryner and Ferris escaped, together with Kuku and Iris, he joined up with Ryner's company. When Ryner and Ferris were blitzing Roland's camp, Arua assisted them and displayed his ingenuity by blending in Roland's magic with Nelpha magic to launch a surprise ranged magical attack. Throughout the story, Ryner shows a lot of concern to Arua's growth mainly because they are both Alpha Stigma bearers.

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