• Sui Orla activating the power of the Blade of Dolueli
  • The Blade of Dolueli
  • The dragon created by the Blade of Doleuli
  • The dragon summoned by the Blade of Doleuli

This Relic was left behind by Ryner and Ferris after they discovered it, having not been able to identify the correct way to use it. It was retrieved soon afterwards by the Orla siblings, who were also collecting hero relics, and who knew how to use it, unlike Ryner and Ferris. It was used by Sui as a weapon against Ryner and Ferris in their first fight. The Blade of Dolueli is in the form of a dagger with a blue blade, and upon invocation by stabbing the sword into something, grants the invoker the power to call forth flames, which varies depending on the user and his will. In Sui's case, it took the form of a dragon encompassing his whole arm where he stabbed himself. The only abnomaly was when Ryner accidentally summoned a dragon the first time he misused it. Later, Sui revealed this phenomenon had occurred because the ground has no will, unlike humans, and as such it summoned out a dragon instead of becoming one. The Blade of Dolueli was taken by Miran Froade after he killed Sui Orla.

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