Calne Kaiwal

Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese), Chris Burnett (English)


Calne Kaiwal (surname sometimes spelled Kaiwel) is a young man from the same orphanage as Claugh. Calne is described as Sion's left-hand man. He respects and is on close terms with Claugh and addresses him as senpai, and like Claugh, was an instrumental force in the revolution led by Sion against the previous tyrant of Roland. He is in charge of mainly the domestic and administrative affairs of Roland and also holds a military rank of major general.

With his blond hair and emerald green eyes, Calne has a reputation of being a philanderer, and this appears to stem partly from his way with dealing with stress from the dissented nobles daily, as well as him holding the belief that military people like him may die any time and should not be involved in a long-term relationship. As such, and adding to this the fact that Fiole is a good friend of his, despite him being secretly in love with Eslina, he never once confesses his feelings. At the same time, he tries to push her away by being flashy in his philandering practices.

Current StorylineEdit

After Roland succeeded in its conquest campaign of the south, with an army of 200,000 strong, Calne is assigned to guard the People's District of Urd (ウルド民管区). Subsequently, due to the betrayal of Remurus Empire, he suffered defeat and is apparently captured in battle with his fate currently unknown.


Based on OKYD’s Vol. 2 Chapter 1, Calne was ten years old when Claugh meets him when he comes to kill Count Emirel. Rei, now around 23, boasts that Calne is an even better student than Claugh. Before Claugh moves to attack, Calne knocks out Rei. He then proceeds to tell Claugh that he cannot allow him to kill Count Emirel since he plans to do it. Claugh easily defeats him, and then kills the count, fulfilling his promise with his mother and Luke. Calne asks Claugh if he can go with him since he has no where to go. Both of them disappear and don’t reappear until six years have passed-during Roland’s revolution.


1. To Claugh: "I won't let you. I've been been preparing for too long, and as tomorrow will be the climax where I kill his entire family, I refuse to let this be stolen away from someone else."

2. After Claugh defeats him: "Of course you would let me live? Because I'm too adorable? I'm joking, I'm joking! Understood. I'll be more alert so that I don't become too adorable."

{Based on Baka-Tsuki Translations}