Densetsu no Yusha no Densetsu:Volume 4 The Great Clean-up Feast

Trivia Edit

Ryner’s past scenes from episode 9, half of episode 10, episode 11, and episode 12 are covered in this novel.
The following points are the main differences/important facts from the novel and the anime
• Ryner’s past scene is extended in the novel.
Deel’s death is the reason that Ryner awakens his Alpha Stigma.
• Ryner and Ferris’s discussion of the Runa Empire is not shown in the anime. • Sion and Iris’ meeting is not shown in the anime
• Ryner and Ferris dicsuss whether they are going to the Ragit Village or the Aschubeg Church (not in anime)
• Sion and the others’ scene in episode 10 is extended
• All the scenes with Noa and Claugh are extended in the novel, but they are followed pretty accurately in the anime
• Ryner and Ferris’ events in the village and its outskirts are not in the anime • After they rescue Kuku, she brings them to her home where she tells them about Arua—this happens differently in the anime
• Fact: People took Arua eight days ago and his parents five days ago into the mountains for an experiment
• Sion is about to sleep when Eslina and the others wake him to inform him about Noa’s attack. Miran is not the one to inform him. However, Sion and Miran’s discussion in the novel takes place at the end of episode 10.
• The scene from episode 11 when Sion is promoting everyone is slightly longer in the novel. Lord Gnule is the noble identified as one of Sion’s strongest supporters.
Miller’s thoughts are shown extensively in the novel in the scene with the Taboo Breaker Squad. The squad is in Roland on leave; the rest is similar to the anime.
• The scene with Ryner and Ferris (ep. 11) is played differently in the anime.
The major differences/points are as follows:
(i) Tese Chardi is the man torturing Arua
(ii) When Ryner sees Arua suffering, he remembers his own painful past
(iii) Ferris is the one who takes the initiative, not Ryner
(iv) In the anime, the fight scene and magic spells are extended
(v) Mage Knights Battalion by definition 1. Used to change the tides of battle 2. Used to measure a country’s strength 3. The strongest squad that could change a country
(vi) Ryner (thinking before attacking) uses foreign magic so the Runa Knights do not realize he’s from Roland (to prevent a war). Plus, he and Ferris are moving so fast that they will not be able to see the Roland insignias on their clothes or armor.
• Since the promotions, Calne, Claugh, Eslina, and Noa have been extremely busy and have been unable to see Sion. However, he continues with his mountain of paperwork, thinking it’s strange that the nobles have done nothing to resist his recent decisions.
Akmer region-Miran’s home- is where the first uprising takes place. Sion sends Claugh to assist Miran.
• Scene from episode 12 is played almost exactly like the novel. Major difference-the scene when Claugh rescues Miran is slightly more comical in the novel (Claugh drags Miran out, and he doesn’t even stop because he doesn’t realized the flames have been quelled-Miran has to stop him).
• Kuu and Sui attack Runa’s king to make him “bow” to Gastark and break their alliance with Roland
• Although his name is not stated yet, Lir (Sui and Kuu’s older brother) is the one who attacked Miran, killed Count Stearead, and attacked Sion (mentioned for reading convenience)
• Sion has an extensive conversation about the situation with Miran and Claugh
• Ryner and Ferris take Arua on their stolen carriage-scene from episode 12
Kiefer arrives at the borders of the Gastark Empire

Quotes Edit

  • Each quote is numbered so that conversations can be grouped together -listed in the order they appeared in the novel

1. Talrome: “This is our relationship. Understand? Ryner Lute. I will bring you to my village… but you are our slave. If you want to live, then work hard. If you don’t want to work, then die. Alright, if you understand, then remove the armor and other trinkets from these corpses. Don’t lounge around. Or I’ll kill you!!”
2. Quill: “Are you lonely, by yourself?”
Ryner: “No, because there’s everyone.”
Quill: “Then, then, let me be your Okaa-san! From today onwards, call me Okaa-san!”
Deel: “Ah, then then, let me be Otou-san! Ryner, call me Otou-san! Then then, I’ll be Quill’s husband, we must marry!”
Quill: “Ai~ I don’t want to marry Deel~”
Deel: “Ahwu… I’ve, I’ve been dumped~…”
3. Roland Soldier: “…That, what is that… eyes… it’s the eyes… ev-everyone, look, look at his eyes… that red five-pointed star… that boy is a wielder of Alpha Stigma!”
4. Ryner: I see. I am… A monster…
5. Iris: “Really? You definitely cannot sigh! If Sion Onii-san dies, Iris will be lonely!”
Sion: “Yes. So that Iris will not be lonely, I can’t die. But, Iris is the same too? If you die, because of dangerous matters, I will be sad too?”
6. Claugh: “No, it isn’t. It’s still the same, a smiling face that is full of confidence which makes people feel annoyed. But, you almost don’t let us see you troubled. So if we don’t notice, you will bear it until you die, troubled? You’re a person who makes everyone worry.”
Sion: “I’m not so weak that I need to be worried by you.”
Claugh: “That is the problem. If I really throw you down and not care, you will not admit defeat until you collapse. And then, I want to ask you. You, since you started to sit there and work, how long has it been?”
7. Sion’s Thoughts: Steady blue eyes. Features that were pleasing to the eye. Beautiful brown hair that tumbled to her shoulders. Eslina Folkal.
Calne: If you don’t rest well, over work yourself, Fiole in Heaven will be angry and come back again? Right, Eslina.”
Eslina: “Yes! You can’t do this, Your Majesty! Don’t always do things that make my brother sad.”
Noa: “Subordinates who really care for Your Majesty’s health, the king of Roland is a blessed person.”
Sion’s Thoughts: Clear blue eyes, soft beautiful features. That dignified aura, straight gaze did not fit with her age of seventeen years, showing her straight-forwardness and intelligence. Noa Ehn.
The only daughter of the king, of the Estabul Kingdom that had been taken over by Roland.
She had expressed her grief towards the last rebellion of Estabul, using the people as hostages, losing control of the future of the Estabul nobles…
She went against the rebelling nobles and defeated them, and surrendered to Roland, successfully becoming a hero to Roland and Estabul that had been pushed to a lower position, a capable woman who became a noble in Roland…
8. Sion: “Are you purposefully saying the opposite? You hate Claugh, Calne and the rest right?”
Miran: “You misunderstand me if you think that I am purposefully saying the opposite. Although it is disappointing, but I seem to be hated by Major-General Klom and Colonel Kaiwal… But I have high evaluations of the both of them. If we’re talking about Crimson Finger Claugh Klom, he is a famous military officer known by the surrounding lands. If we’re talking about Colonel Kaiwal, as a pawn who would do anything for Your Majesty, he is a very important person as well.”
Sion: “Then, let the nobles relax their guard, focus them to one place, and kill them all… is that it?”
Miran: “It’s the fastest way for Roland Empire to settle down.”
Sion: “…But, to accept the nobles, even if it’s for a very short period of time, do we have to go back to the period of time where a large number of citizens starved and died?”
Miran: “Is that a problem? Are you troubled? Then let me think of other plans. Yes. You are a famous monarch. You are the rare monarch that will bring us to our peak, ever since Roland was born. A government that will benefit the people, in the past the nobles that bullied you would not be able to go forward with it, and this will make good use of them. If this continues, just by spending a certain amount of time, one day, all the people, all the nobles, will listen to your will. But, the sad reality is…At that moment, Roland will be destroyed by other countries…”
9. Sion to Noa: “At the present, the Estabul people had a great amount of trust in Noa-sama. Many Roland people respect your spirit too. If something happens to you, it probably would not stir up something as trivial as a conflict between two countries right? If you die now, the rebellion from Estabul would not be something unavoidable. And a meaningless conflict would weaken the country, the feelings of dissatisfaction would be towards me who was supposed to protect you. Their current methods will not benefit the country. So that I will be pulled off stage, to satisfy their personal pleasures, they will do anything.”
10. Sion to Claugh: “But, if you forget that you are also a very important person of this country, I will be very troubled. If you weren’t here, my path to repressing the tyranny would be delayed. Not only that… if you died…If you die, I will cry? You had better not make me cry.”
11. Miran: “Everything has been prepared, Your Majesty. We didn’t have to move out, the other side has already started moving. What kind of choices does Your Majesty wish for after today?”
Sion: “…… The path you pointed out to me?”
Miran: “I have mentioned it before—welcoming the nobles. At the present the life of Noa Ehn-sama is being threatened… but, Your Majesty holds no unhappiness to the nobles, and you don’t chase after the issue. You have to present an image that you accept the nobles, and are willing to rule this country with the nobles. Let them suck up the honey, sate their appetites, at that moment cut down the nobles who have lowered their guard, wouldn’t that be easy?”
Sion: “Killing them without leaving anything behind?”
Miran:“If there is a need.”
Sion: “I said it before, the people…”
Miran: “I have acted according to your orders, everything has been prepared fully.”
Sion: “Unless… the one who sent the attackers after Noa-sama was you…”
Miran: “Regrettably, that was not my doing. The instigation of the nobles to attack Noa-sama… creating the current situation. This is only a tactic to target the scheming. If I sent out assassins, there would be no need to worry about Noa-sama’s life… but, this matter was not my doing.”
12. Claugh: “…What is this, Sion! I can’t accept this! Even if you didn’t graciously let me have this achievement, just by my abilities, I would have quickly ascended to the general position. But you…”
Calne: “That’s right, Your Majesty Sion! Having this happen suddenly, it would be strange if it didn’t shock us. Even if you were considering something, you should have told us first…”
Noa: “As of the current situation the country is in, shouldn’t you think more when choosing these measures? I know I sound rude, and… This way, it’s not only the nobles, probably even the people will suspect that you have finally revealed yourself as a tyrant. I can understand that Your Majesty wants to pass the matters, the feeling of allowing your trusted people to handle these matters, but… the nobles hold a large amount of authority. If you ignore the reality and make this choice… it will cause troubles. If something goes wrong in the process of spreading the order, I think it would be prudent to retract the command.”
Sion: “How troublesome. Everyone has become successful, but there are many who are unsatisfied, you lot have little ambition.”
Lord Gnule: “Why does Your Majesty say that? Do you really think that we are following you for success? The people who follow you… no, at least the people assembled you are ones who treat fame as dirt. They are people who really think well for the country, they don’t wish to see the country continue to be shrouded in darkness like before. And, this order for the human resources… it gives people a feeling of being betrayed. This way, Your Majesty is announcing to the people—let go and gain authority! Please, Your Majesty, retract the order…”
Sion: “I understand everyone’s thoughts. But, will everyone listen to my thoughts? Many people are surprised by my plan, right? I knew that everyone would be surprised. Perhaps many of you would think, this kind of change in the human resources is too sudden… the timing is not right… this change easily attracts the rebound of the nobles who remain from the old system… but, before everyone expresses their unhappiness, please listen to me. Does everyone know of the country Gastark? Then, does everyone know of the country Stohl? In the Menoris Continent, it is the only big country. That has five times our military and national power. I want to ask everyone, if Stohl invaded Roland, what kind of situation would it be then?”
Gnule: “…Urgh, of course we would be unable to win. We would be wiped out. But, talking about it, we and Stohl… just by the geographic location of that country and Roland, wouldn’t it be too far? The chances of Stohl’s invasion reaching here…”
Sion: “I think that there is no possibility too. Yes, Stohl probably would not invade here? So we don’t need to worry…Stohl may not invade us, but… according to the information I received today morning… two thirds of Stohl’s territory has been occupied by the country called Gastark. Not only that. Like the original impression everyone had, Gastark was a small country in the extreme north that was unknown. But, now their strength has increased. Not only Stohl, if it includes the small countries, they have already swallowed up many countries… Honestly speaking… it’s unknown as of now. Ah, after all they are far from us…Gastark may not reach here. But, so as to defend against Gastark, the other countries may expand their lands, national power and military power, and start to invade each other, isn’t that true? At the present there are reports showing that, there are people that do not belong to Nelpha who are within the Imperial Nelpha borders, secretly moving. And… even our allied country Runa…”
Sion: “…We don’t have the time anymore. We don’t have the time to leisurely continue the ugly internal conflicts in our country. So, Froaude had a solution. This solutions was: set a trap, allowing the protesting nobles to gather together, then purge them at one go.”
Claugh: “Purge? Even if it is adults or children, all are to be purged? This kind of action is no different from the previous evil king…”
Sion: “No, Claugh. Froaude’s solution is not wrong. I think too, that is a viable option. But—I am the king of this country. I am the king of the people living in this country. Even if it is the nobles who wish to kill me, they are the people of Roland too. Even so, I think that they should be protected too. I want to save them, even if it may not be many people. I wish that under the situation where there is no violence, to unify this country. So, I would pick this intense measure. I want to use this opportunity, to completely wield the authority over Roland. If the nobles are willing to follow me, I will not pick over their past offences, accepting them. But, if they wish to rebel till the end, I will purge them. Perhaps another battle will be raised over this. But, there is no more time. So that I can rescue most of the citizens in this country, probably I will need many people to sacrifice themselves. Even so, I still want everyone’s help. I need the help of the people who are thinking for the country, if everyone was not here, I would not be able to continue. We cannot let this country be destroyed. Will you be willing to save this country with me?”
Everyone: “I will endeavor to comply to my liege’s orders.”
13. Miran: “It’s really… my king. The actions that a king should have, he has performed them perfectly. Wishing to help more people, even if it is only a small portion… is that it? This is a perfect king…So, I will follow you. I will follow a perfect king, although it causes heart ache, it is destined that you will take away the lives of many people… Is that pattern that a king goes through…? And you are troubled over this. Even so, I have to lessen your troubles, even if is only a drop in a bucket…That is my duty. To sacrifice the least to gain a large effect…All of the blood stained duties should be settled by me… I will endeavor to comply to my liege’s orders.”
14. Miller to Luke: “That is not the only reason I’m staying here. Subordinates who are able to control this department can be found anywhere. You or Lear… The king said this before. He wishes to pass the responsibility of the Taboo Breaker Pursuit Squad to Lear, I’ll become a field marshal, Claugh and you will be promoted to Lieutenant General.”
Luke: “Wow… me, me too?”
Miller: “…This isn’t something we’re casually talking about. The lack in manpower has worsened to this degree. But, I cannot leave here, you and Lear too. If you accept a position that will attract everyone’s attention, many things will become troublesome to carry out. But, lowly people should have lowly people’s opinions. We have to stand at the positions at the base of the foundation to support Roland… so, we can only ask Claugh to work harder.”
Luke: “Ah, Claugh is becoming the field marshal? He'll definitely sulk, right?”
Miller: “Who knows? Because they just spread the news of the newcomers this morning. Well, judging by his personality, he will definitely shout and yell at Sion?”
Luke: “Then Sion-san will give him a reason he cannot dispute, so he’ll just simply accept it… it has always turned out this way. Although him becoming field marshal wouldn’t be as good as you, at least he can guide the Roland army in the right direction, right?”
Miller: “But the problem is…”
Luke: “…It is… the nobles right? Sion-san seems to be finally carrying out steps? I personally feel it’s a little late. If we don’t chase those corrupt nobles away soon, this country probably cannot last any longer right? Even if it is eradication or any other methods, it’s fine as long as it is done.”
Miller: “…Do you hate the nobles more than you did in the past?”
Luke: “Don’t you hate them just as much, Miller-senpai? Those people only snatch everything away without even thinking. Among those in the Taboo Breaker Squad, there probably isn’t anyone who doesn’t hate the nobles, right? Furthermore…Captain Milk has suffered completely from their mistreatment! A child with such a happy personality… she only ate breakfast with us and chatted with us happily, then she cried as she said that she “never had a meal while happily talking with people”… What have those people done to Captain Milk… Just thinking about that, I feel such hatred that I want to kill them, sometimes at night I can’t even sleep… But, Captain Milk doesn’t hate her… no, it’s the family that bought her… Ah, it’s really enough!”
Miller: “Oh. The elite who graduated from the Cadets’ Academy with outstanding results, First Lieutenant Milk Callaud… although she is the daughter of a noble, but she is easy to approach. Isn’t this something interesting?”
Luke: “…Because she is the same as us, she used to be an orphan… then she was adopted. She only represented the noble’s own child to come serve in the army, as a puppet… but, she was unbelievably obedient.”
Miller: “Yes… you have to protect her properly, Luke. Because this young generation is the pillar to support Roland’s future.”
Luke: “Eh? I think that I’m still quite young… Miller-senpai.”
Miller: “Compared to sixteen years old, aren’t you an old uncle?”
Luke: “Then senpai who is over thirty years old is an old man?”
Miller: “You…”
Luke: “Ah, before I annoy you, I think I should escape.”
Miller: “Really, leave quickly! I have a large pile of work to do too. Ah, right, Milk Callaud’s team can have a few days of leave. You haven’t been back in Roland for a long time. Go and stretch your wings properly. But, be careful of the king? If you meet him, you might be dragged off to become an officer.”
Luke: “I know. I will be cautious of His Majesty Sion. Then, I’m going to chase after our princess now.”
15. Ferris: “Hey, Ryner, calm down. Even if you jump down now you can’t save that kid. We have to come up with a battle plan. First I…”
Ryner’s Thoughts while Ferris is talking: Don’t… I don’t want to see it anymore. No more. Save me… So, please don’t… let me suffer again…
16. Man to Arua: “Damn, harming you yourself doesn’t have the power to make you lose control? Then… how about this? See, because of you, she’s dead. Your mother died because you are a demon. That means, the sinful father of a demon like you has to die too?”
Arua’s Father: “It’s not your fault! It’s not… it’s these people. These people are crazy. This definitely isn’t your fault. So you can't do what they want, Arua. Even if I am killed, don’t worry. You’re still alive. You cannot lose control, lose your humanity…”
17. Ryner: “Maybe there’s a chance…Damnit, it seems like ambushing them doesn’t have a good impact. If this continues, we probably may not be able to save the brat and his father… Hey, the kid’s father! You can’t depend on us to save you! Help us! First push off that stupid noble, and loosen the kid’s chains!”
Father: “You, are you here to save us? …From a different country… Ah, Arua, Father will save you now!!”
18. Man to Ryner: “You… going with that demon? That is our research material. If you take it, you will be seen as the demon’s companions and receive God's punishment…”
Ryner: “Ah? …You say… God’s… punishment?…You people… earlier you said God’s… punishment? Just because we have these eyes, God will punish us…? No matter what cruel things you do, God doesn’t punish you, but because we have these eyes, so God will punish us?”
Ryner: “Damnit! Damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit…”
19. Ryner: “What the hell is that supposed to be? What the hell are you all… saying that God will punish us? Since we are to be punished, then why did you create someone like me? If God exists, then give me an answer! Why did you create someone like me? Purposely creating me… so to play with me like this, and then give me my punishment afterwards? Stop joking! I’m not your toy. We're… alive too. We aren’t… demons because we wanted to be born as that… living as monsters… We… don’t like having these eyes…Or, is everything our fault? …… If this country really has a god existing here, I beg you, tell me the answer…”
20. Miran: “The plan… yes. Then, I’ll begin. Firstly I’d like everyone to…Please die.”
21. Kellar F.: “How, how can that be… Then, it was a five year old child who killed the Froaude family…”
Miran: “Not yet. You’re left. But that’s going to end tonight…”
22. (For the sake of convenience, Miran’s assailant, although not stated yet in the novel, will be identified as Lir)
Lir to Miran: “Is that it, the black ring your wear on your finger? The weapon that summoned those black shadows earlier? It seems as if it shouldn’t be meddled with. You controlling such a large amount of shadows casually… and to be able to use that weapon so skillfully… to reach that height, it must have been quite painful? You are indeed are very skillful person. I really don’t want to clash head-on with you. And I have a job to do. I don’t want to waste any energy here…”
Lir: “…How terrible… Just by exchanging a few sentences with you, it seems that I have leaked everything out without my notice… It seems that I am going to get someone mad at me. So, from now on, I will say nothing else.”
Miran: “Eh. It doesn’t matter. I will cut down that ring along with that finger, then I will capture you, slowly delaying you, until I have gotten all my answers, until you die.”
Lir: “How scary… If that is so, so that I can explain, no matter what I cannot capture you… that means, I can only kill you…I want your ring!”
Lir: “Ah, you’re good. I could see this from our clash. This is troubling… it seems that it would be hard to have a conclusion…”
Miran: “No. You should have discovered it? You can’t use magic. No, I should say, you have forbidden yourself from using magic. Perhaps it is to cover your identity, so that no one would be able to know which country’s assassin you are, right? You can’t let me see you using your country’s magic… so, you cannot use magic. That is the largest difference between you and I… If the power of the rings are equal, then I am at an advantage because I can use magic. This is the first reason why this situation has benefits for me.”
Lir: “Oh, the first? Don’t tell me there are other reasons…”
Miran: “Yes, that's right, you also have a disadvantage. Because you cannot use magic, you will be unable to match up to my strength, so even if it seems you are talking to me casually, in actual fact you are actually searching for a way to escape. But, unless I give the command, otherwise the doors to the hall will not open. This way, your lightning beasts and you will have no choice but to break down the doors to escape, but… I will not let you have that chance. If you send one lightning beast to break down the door, I will use that opportunity to rip out your throat…”
Lir: “…Hey, that can’t be? It was only an exchange of a few blows, but you could interpret so many things? Wouldn’t you feel tired? Even if you aren’t tired, someone probably has told you that you’re annoying? You must have had no friends?”
Miran: “I wouldn’t feel tired, but the latter part is right. Ne, let’s stop with the nonsense. Please make a choice. Are you going to surrender? Or knowing that you will be killed, attempt to escape…”
Lir: “Or suicide? There should at least be this option? If I am unluckily caught by you, I may not want to reveal my country’s top secrets under intense questioning.”
Miran: “Are you going to do that?”
Lir: “No, I wouldn’t. I have a better plan. The fourth choice. The crystal of Iino Dwoe… This thing can let me win this fight.”
Lir: “As expected of a highly-skilled opponent, you’ve made a good judgment. But… it’s too late.”
23. Claugh: “Hey! What are you doing! Aren’t you going to escape?!”
Miran: “Field-Marshal Cl-Claugh. Eight, eight seconds. I can only hold back the flames for eight seconds…or so…”
Claugh: “Froaude, you’re very strong! Enough. Hold on! We’re going!”
Miran: “…That, I have something I want to talk about… Field-Marshal Claugh.”
Claugh: “Ah? It’s not the time for that now! We’ll talk about it later, later!”
Miran: “It’s fine if it’s later, but… I have some information that you must know about. Will you give me a little time?”
Claugh: “Ah that’s enough. How annoying! What is it!”
Miran: “Field-Marshal Claugh is using his full strength to escape… But in truth the fire has already extinguished. In other words, what are you escaping from?”
Claugh: “Ah? Why didn’t you say that earlier!”
Miran: “It’s because, even though the fire had stopped, the funny situation where you were dragging me and running desperately was quite amusing… so, I didn’t notify you in time.”
Claugh: “You… you’re the same as ever, an annoying person…”
Miran: “Then I apologize. Have I made you angry?”
Claugh: “Ah? You have always made me angry. This time too, Sion worked so hard, hoping to reduce the sacrifices, so that he can govern the country in this peaceful situation, but you moved by yourself, moving first—”
Miran: “The funny thing that I referred to just now is this. I’m very aware that you hate me. But why did you come to save me then? What’s happening now?”
Claugh: “This… Because Sion wanted me to come and help you, so I could only come. I didn’t want to come at all…”
Miran: “His Majesty? But, that’s strange. His Majesty only sent you, the Field-Marshal to come and help me?”
Claugh: “Of course not! He wanted me to bring the soldiers. Sion said, Froaude is aiming to wipe out the nobles, but the other side will want to retaliate. He said that it was too dangerous for you alone, so he told me to take a large group of soldiers and leave the capital… But, you are always acting by yourself, taking the first step, this made me feel concerned… I wanted to punch you, so I quickly came here, and went ahead of everyone else.”
Miran: “You left the other soldiers, and came here first?”
Claugh: “Yes, that’s right.”
Miran: “But you clearly said it yourself, you didn’t want to come, you’re here on His Majesty’s orders, you came here reluctantly, but you abandoned your soldiers and came here first…? I don’t understand…”
Claugh: “I’ve had enough, you’re very annoying, so didn’t I say, I was here to punch you!”
Miran: “You clearly didn’t want to come, but you came to save my life… You are a strange person.”
Claugh: “Do you have the rights to say that?!”
Miran: “But, I still have to express my thanks to you. If it weren’t for you, I could have probably died, thank you for saving my life.”
24. Lucile to Lir: “You will disappear. You wouldn’t feel any pain, just vanish. You can tell your companions, tell them, if they dare to touch Roland… there will be consequences.”
25. Lucile to Sion: “Yes. You’re fine. You haven’t spoiled yet. This country has a good king. The chaotic era is coming soon? But I believe, as long as you are king, this country can survive.”
Sion: “If I couldn’t protect this country, what would you do?”
Lucile: “At that time, I would kill you, then set up a new, stronger king, so, you don’t have to think too much about it, just let go and do your best. At the time, when you lose your power, I will kill you.”
Sion: “How comforting.”
26. Claugh to Miran: “Ah? Of course Sion wouldn’t feel good about this! Acting by yourself, killing people… Don’t you feel anything? Does killing people mean nothing to you?”
Miran: “If there is a need to kill, then I will kill. If I feel guilty because I vomited over it, then what can I do about it? I believe His Majesty feels the same.”
Claugh: “You… Don’t utter such nonsense. Sion is different from you…”
Sion: “Enough, Claugh. Now isn’t the time to be fighting over this. What I’m frowning over it because… the current situation. The leader of the anti-royalist faction, Duke Stearead, is dead… And it was not by our actions, he was murdered by someone else… Actually before this I had expected that it would turn out this way. I knew there was a noble who held great authority behind Stearead and had not appeared. But…”
Miran: “Yes. The person who killed Duke Stearead isn’t from this country. Then from this observation, it is clear that this noble has joined forces with people from other countries.”
Claugh: “Other countries? Which country? Didn’t you find that out when you fought that person?”
Miran: “Eh. Don’t look at me like that, I did my best… But, the opponent couldn’t be taken lightly…”
Claugh: “In the end he escaped, so it was meaningless.”
Miran: “Yes. I pains me to let him escape. If you could have hurried over earlier, perhaps the situation could have been overturned.”
Claugh: “Eh? Ah, don’t push the responsibility to me!”
Miran: “…I was joking.”
Claugh: “You, your joke… it’s really not funny at all… And it make me feel strangely irritated…”
27. Miran: “Yes. It should be clear what reasons I have for thinking so? For Roland’s future, the leader of the army needs Claugh Krom more… it would need someone as charismatic as him. Because, unthinkably, there are many talented people who listen to him. Although it doesn’t measure up to Your Majesty, but… his uncertain, special nature of being strong and gentle, it easily controls people’s… the citizen’s hearts. For Roland, this special ability will…No, I don’t think I need to elaborate. Your Majesty, you look a little tired. Would you like to rest for a moment? Even if it is Claugh Krom or Rahel Miller as the Field-Marshal, if this country doesn’t have you, it would be unable to progress, so… please take care of your health. Then, please excuse me…”
28. Sion’s Thoughts after his conversation with Miran and Claugh: Reality had turned cruel. Then he discovered that everything… The peace and everything that he saw was fake. He discovered that this world was actually covered in darkness… He didn’t want to discover this truth. Because he knew, once he knew of it, he couldn’t turn back. Because he knew, the deep darkness would not let one sigh in peace. He found that if he didn’t continue to move ahead, there would be a large amount of pain awaiting him. A strong grief that he never had experienced. A strong pain that he never had experienced. No one wanted that. No one wanted to change to that, but… Even so, reality forced people to make decisions, forced people to choose that pain. If they didn’t want to die, they had to kill people. If they didn’t want to die, they had to wipe out other countries. If they didn’t want everything to be stolen from them, they would have to steal everything from the opposition… Plundering. How painful. How detestable… He wanted to escape. Yes. He should escape, that way he would not have such a heavy burden? Put down everything and escape, could he gain respite? But, where could he escape to? Where would he escape to? In a moment, in the distant past… the memories of the time where he didn’t have the troubles now flitted across his mind. Before he became the king… He had Ryner, Kiefer, Fahle, Toni and Tyle…
At that time it wasn’t like he had no troubles. But, he had thought in this fashion at that time— Squabbling with his companions, laughing together, mending past relationships… What else could he wish for? If this was the peaceful era now, then it was only temporary… Why did he need revenge on his brothers, why would he need to become king? If he were with Ryner and the others… That was what he thought, even if it were only for a moment. The Sion in his memories that was with Ryner and company, was a happy period filled with laughter… It was a very happy time…
Sion talking to himself: “…But… this world doesn’t have… any place to escape to… Ryner.”
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