Duke Stearead (also spelled Stearied) is credited in episode 5 as being voiced by Nobuo Tobita.

He is seen again having a garden conversation 12m into episode 10.

He was the contact for the Runa King.

Sion's Thoughts about himEdit

“He (Stearead) was able to exhaust every means, threats, bribery to persuade the nobles… A man who lived in Roland’s darkness. The confidant of the previous king. 

A person who had the capability.
After the previous king lost his power, he didn’t lose his place but continued to seat in the precious position of being the head of the nobles, like he had done in the past.
Sion had sent several spies to Stearead’s place, but they had not caught any leads. Not only that, there were some spies who had never returned since then. Besides that, the territory that Stearead was in charge of was always prosperous and the people’s opinion of him was very good.
Sion looked at this man in his vision.
He was already in his late fifties, his spine was straight and he had a seemingly warm expression.
But this man was definitely the leader of the nobles here…
And he could feel a presence behind that man that would never appear on the stage…”
(quoted from Densetsu no Yusha no Densetsu: Volume 3{Based on Baka-Tsuki Translations})

He was killed in episode 12/DYD Vol. 4 by Lir’s lightning beasts.


Stearead’s thoughts about Miran: “He was a dangerous man. He was a manipulator who had a sharp mind and who could plot to kill many people, a ruthless man. He was a man who no one would want to go against. Or better said, he was a person who no one would want to be the enemy of.”