Ebra Crypt

Ebra Crypt ( エブラク・リプト , Eburaku Riputo ) is one of the 6 known Stigmas that cursed eye bearers can possess. Little is known about this Stigma other than the most basic of its abilities. Lafra was the only known bearer of this stigma.

Abilities Edit

  • Dream Peering Only mentioned to be the ability of this Stigma by Kiefer while she read a book regarding the abilities of this Stigma, it was confirmed a few episodes later in more detail by Lafra, saying that he can view bits and pieces of Ryner's dreams. It is unknown if with more use of this Stigma can amplify how much of a person's dreams can be seen.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Extraction Like any other typical stigma, if a bearer of Ebra Crypt has their Stigma forcefully taken and crystallized will be killed automatically, as a stigma to its bearer is a vital organ like the brain and heart.

Crystallization Edit

Due to it having little to no spotlight, the abilities of a crystallized Ebra Crypt are unknown.

Other StigmasEdit

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