Halford Miran was a legendary hero. Miran Froaude is named after him.

Ryner speaking clearly with a foreign language: “The legend of the Great Emperor ‘Dark Emperor’…The life of one in darkness. The night of the dark moon. The night curtain. The pitch black wings. The illusion of darkness. The king of shadows. Wherever he was, in the world, in the distance, he was always surrounded by darkness, covered in the endless universe— That was the legend of the shadow king who covered the world. There were also rumors that he was actually human…as he carried out cruel violence in the world, he was viewed as a demon lord…but this king gave a ring with mysterious ability to his most capable subordinate, which was…The ability to manipulate shadows. After that, the subordinate used that power to kill off important people in opposing countries one by one, and the Dark Emperor’s land expanded. However…when that subordinate was about to kill an important person from a certain country, a knight who was protecting that person sliced off the finger with the ring and stole it, and the Dark Emperor was finally killed by the power of the shadows…the story goes like that, I guess? However, it’s still a mystery how the Dark Emperor had such a mysterious ring and where the ring came from. The manuscript never left these details…but the name of the knight who took that ring became famous as a legendary hero who saved the world, and he’s definitely called…He’s definitely called, yes, Halford Miran.