History and BackgroundEdit

Ryners mother

Iluna, as she appears in Ryner's "inner world"

Born Iluna Laswhale (イルナ・ラースウェル Iruna Rāsuweru). Formerly a common village girl, she fell in love with Lieral Lieutolu, a noble, and later married him. She eventually gave birth to Feruna Lieutolu (Ryner Lute). When Feruna (Ryner) is discovered to be a bearer of Alpha Stigma, she becomes very depressed, blaming herself for falling in love with Lieral, who is of high birth. She even attempted a murder and suicide but was stopped by Lieral. She died after having her soul sacrificed during Feruna/Ryner's first awakening.

Significance to PlotEdit

Despite being dead, she lives inside Ryner as "The Charm of Ātofāru (アートファールの呪い Ātofāru no Maginai)". When Ryner was stabbed by Lieral, Ryner enters his inner world and meets Iluna. They enjoy a few minutes of mother and son time together as Iluna looks on how much Ryner has grown, before being devoured by Alpha. Just before she is devoured, she manages to convey to Ryner the method of escaping Alpha and he is able to escape. She later reappears in episode 24 when "The Mad Hero" (inside Sion) attempted to devour Ryner, telling him that "Now is not the time". She disappears after Ryner awakens as "The Solver of All Equations", as "α" ("Alpha") escapes from his body. She is also seen in a flashback at the start of episode 18.


Iluna Lietolu, as she appears in episode 24