Voiced by: Tomosa Murata (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)


Iris is the younger sister of Ferris and Lucile.
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Iris Eris

She has blonde hair sprouting twin tails, wears dresses with frills, and can come across as arrogant and annoying. She greatly admires Ferris and can be somewhat over-protective of her, especially from Ryner. Despite her looks, she is skilled at hand-to-hand combat and, like her sister, is capable of moving at inhuman speed. She's also skilled in stealth missions and can often bypass the tightest of security. 

Involvement in PlotEdit

In the story, Iris is shown to be a naive and innocent child, often believing, without any shadow of a doubt, in the little lies Ferris tell her, such as "you'll die if you sigh three times", or that "Ryner awakens as a wild beast in the night to assault girls". As a result, her name for Ryner is "Wild Beast". She always tries her best to please Ferris, and thrives on praise from both Ferris and Sion.

In the initial part of the story, Iris serves as a messenger between Sion, and Ryner and Ferris, and likes to illustrate the messages with drawings, which Sion often has to rack his brain to decode. Later, after Ryner and Ferris escape from Roland, she goes after them and, together with Ferris, is nearly killed by Froaude; she probably would have been if not for the intervention of Lucile. Together with Arua and Kuku, she joins up with Ryner and Ferris' company and travels with the Anti-Roland Coalition.


• Ferris and Iris were treated as “failures” by their parents
• The Eris siblings share the same blond hair and blue eyes
• All three siblings are descended from the Demon Eris (whose other half is the demon Ryner)-sworn to protect the king of Roland (Asruld Roland’s descendants). (OKYD Vol. 5)
• 7 children before Lucile was born had already been killed by their parents. (OKYD Vol. 5)
• Iris is 8 years younger than Ferris and 12 years younger than Lucile
• According to DYD Vol. 3, Iris was afraid of the dark when she was little and came to sleep with Ferris. Ferris often had to knock her out, so she could rest and wouldn’t die in the next day’s training.