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Unnamed Sister



A ethnic Estabulian and former student at the Roland Royal Special Military Academy alongside Sion and Ryner.


With scarlet hair and eyes, Kiefer is described as a young pretty lady and stands slightly shorter than Ferris. She debuted in the story with short crop hair, seen during Ryner's flashback.

Later in “The Legend of the Great Heroes of Legend,” returning at the end of episode 13, three years after meeting Sion and Ryner in the Roland Royal Special Military Academy, she now sprouts shoulder-length hair. While appearing to be soft-spoken, she is bold in her feelings and has a caring heart. She is also portrayed as intelligent and relatively more skilled in magic than the average mage.


Kiefer is of Estabul origins, and at the age of fourteen, Estabul became a vassal country of Roland, she witnessed the death of her elder sister Naia under the hands of Roland's magic knights, who considered them spies, during the rule of the former tyrannical King of Roland, while her elder sister tried to protect Kiefer and her younger sister Lemile. In order to save Lemile, the last of her remaining family, she agreed to become a spy for Roland while her younger sister would be taken hostage. While pretending to work as a spy for Estabul and infiltrating the Roland Royal Special Military Academy, she is in fact a double agent working for Roland, and as such is versed in both Estabul and Roland magic. Later she learned from Ryner that the knights breached the deal and killed Lemile.

Involvement in PlotEdit

Despite falling in love with Ryner during the

Kiefer, 3 years after the academy

days in the academy, Kiefer had no choice but to betray her classmates to the Estabul mage knights in an elaborate internal plot to kill Sion. Unknowingly, her younger sister had already been killed. Kiefer holds a strong love for Ryner and is grateful to both him and Sion for not holding the deaths of their classmates against her. After Sion ascended the throne, she proclaimed a desire to travel around the world, but in truth, she was seeking more knowledge on Alpha Stigma with the hope of saving Ryner. Her journey took her to the north of Menoris where she eventually met Refal, King of Gastark, who was attracted to her romantically. There, she learned more of the Cursed Eyes, Rule Fragment, and the legendary powers, The Priest, The Goddesses, The Demonlord, and The Hero. She was subsequently accused of being a spy for Roland, locked up, and finally released by Refal and tasked to bring Ryner to Gastark.

After reuniting with Ryner, Kiefer met Ferris and sees her as a strong love rival. Thereafter, together with Ryner, Ferris, Toale, Iris, Arua, and Kuku, she travels with the Anti-Roland Coalition. During the battle with Gastark in Geihlficlant, she refused to return to Refal's side with the Orla siblings, Sui and Kuu, and aided Ryner and Ferris in their battle with them.

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