Lino Doue

Eyes bearing the Lino Doue

The Lino Doue are one of the numbered forms of mark bearer, the Stigma. This specific brand possessing the capability to devour the lives of humans. Furthermore, these bearers seemingly hold a lust and desire to consume human flesh, driven by their mark.

One who uses the Lino Doue is able to absorb magic and mana from humans, due to the very fact that the human body in the world of Menoris such inherently to some degree. The Lino Doue seems to not have a point of insanity similar to Alpha Stigma, but users are found to have aggressive tendencies, as instance of which is being when Tiir Rumibul engaged with Roland's military expedition in Estabul led by Claugh Klom.

Upon consuming the mana or the very life essence of humans, the bearer is rejuvenated and even reportedly to be strength. However, there is a limit to the degree to which the bearer is strengthened, and they noticeably can still be wounded or killed. The Lino Doue is known to be one of the more rarer forms of stigmas.

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