Moe Velariore (also referred to as Moo) is voiced by Atsushi Abe. He is related to Lach. He is often singled out to do all the cooking.


In DYD Vol. 3 after they failed to capture Ryner and Ferris, Milk feels she isn’t the right choice for their captain because she abandoned her squad to save Ryner. Luke reveals something to Milk about Lach and Moe. Years ago, Major Rahel Miller was in charge of the taboo breaker squad. He was ordered to pursue a couple and their two children and kill them because they were taboo breakers who had fled from Roland. When he caught up with them, the parents begged him to spare the kids (who were not really their own but had been adopted separately). The reason they left Roland was because they wanted the boys to have a better life. Major Miller killed the parents and told the previous king that the children had also been taken care of. However, he actually had saved the children and hired them as his own personnel. Luke said that they were honored to work for Major Miller. They also wanted to work under Milk because a ‘family’ supports each others’ decisions.