Noa Ehn

First Appearance

Episode 8: The Estabul Revolt


(Formerly) Estabul Kingdom


17 Years Old


Claugh Klom (Lover/Boyfriend)

Voiced by

Mikako Takahashi (Japanese)

Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Voiced by: Mikako Takahashi (Japanese), Colleen Clinkenbeard

Main Plot OutlineEdit

Former princesss of Estabul Kingdom which was right at the southernmost end of Menoris, the only daughter of King of Estabul, Ruwe Ehn (ルウェ・エン), Noa is a seventeen year old (when first introduced) beauty with navy-blue long hair that is tied up in a ponytail and blue eyes. She has a very sharp and brilliant mind, and is well-loved by the people of Estabul.

While technically, Noa was the figurehead of the rebellion against Estabul's liege country, Roland, she was actually used by a noble of Estabul, Salawel (サラウェル Saraweru), whom she trusts and betrayed her when the rebel nearing its end. After the rebellion was suppressed by Claugh Klom and Miran Froaude, she was nearly killed by Froaude if not for Claugh's intervention. Thereafter, she was inducted into the nobility of Roland as part of a peaceful effort to stabilize Estabul which was merged with Roland, and subsequently resides within the royal compounds of Roland. She is in a romantic relationship with Claugh, who is six years older, and constantly worries about his well-being as he has a tendency to overdo things. Later, she aided Claugh to use her influence to help merge the army of Estabul with Roland.


Noa Ehn is the princess of the destroyed Estabul Kingdom and the only surviving heir to the throne. She has strong, determined and clear voice. Her gaze made one feel as if she were not seventeen years old, giving out a strong presence. That mesmerizing beauty was inherited from her mother, who was the top beauty in Estabul. It added a stern beauty to her mother’s beautiful looks. This was because they were in a difficult situation… and because there were no other heirs to the throne except for her in Estabul, so she had to learn about the politics of her country even though she was a woman… But in the end, Noa would become queen…” (DYD Vol. 3, from BTT)