Refal Edia

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Gastark (King)


Glouvil Wielding

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Kazuya Nakai (Japanese)
Patrick Seitz (English)





The King of Gastark, and contractor of Glouvil, Refal possesses pink hair as do most other do from Gastark and has lost much for his ideals. He wishes for a world without bloodshed. A hypocritical dream founded in war and conflict, a dream not to far from Sion Astal's vision for Menoris.


He is the 23 year old (DYD Vol. 6 Chapter 5) ruler of the Gastark Empire and a powerful warrior. Like most people of Gastark, he has pink hair and purple eyes. Refal, like Sion, dislikes the idea of waging war, and tries to reduce causalities as much as possible, as he believes that there is no other way to prevent war, than waging war itself. He eventually meets Kiefer, in a battle against Stohl, and shows a liking for her, after she tried to protect two defenseless children, and eventually invites her to his side, to which she declines.

Before invading the central of Menoris continent, Refal releases Kiefer who had been arrested on suspicion of being a Roland spy, informing her of Sion's betrayal of Ryner and asking her to rescue him.



Refal holding Glouvil

He possesses the Rule Fragment known as Glouvil, which is a large two handed sword, which upon sacrificing something, grants him great destructive powers that can easily surpass those of a large-scale spell. So far he has sacrificed his right leg, sense of smell, sense to feel (Manga Only) and his left eye for this.

About Riphal’s sword
“That sword… That sacred sword is something that only descendants of the Hero can use… It can give His Majesty large power, but in return, every time His Majesty will lose an ability. His Majesty has already used that sword twice before, and sacrificed his right leg and sense of smell. Didn’t you tell His Majesty, ‘The king only hides in a safe place, waiting leisurely to reap the fruits of war. Isn’t this method just wishful thinking?’
From DYD VOl. 5


  • “That is a beautiful thing. I am going to snatch many lives away. The price is only a left eye… It’s too cheap. Even so, I will still use this sword. To save more lives than I can snatch away. I will become the king of the world—To save everything in this world!” (DYD Vol. 5)
  • “……This sacrifice will not be worthless. I will never forget this scene. My sins will never disappear. I am a murderer. A murdering king. If anyone wants to curse, then curse me…Destroy everything!” (DYD Vol. 5)

  • “It’s fine. More importantly, find someone to pass the message on to Stohl. Tell them, if they don’t want to experience another attack like that, then surrender. This way, the war with Stohl can stop. Uh, if it doesn’t end here, then the tens of thousands of lives would have been sacrificed for nothing.” (DYD Vol. 5)
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