Appearing in the Dai Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu light novel, this Stigma replaces the Alpha Stigma that Ryner Lute once had that was stolen and crystallized by Lir Orla using his Rule Fragment, Spunquel once Ryner had awakened the power of the Lonesome Demon within himself. This unnamed stigma takes the form of a teardrop that appears in Ryner's eyes that shines with a rainbow of colors. It takes on the same role as the Alpha Stigma, but in a much stronger form, granting Ryner the ability to get a better comprehension of all magic he looks at, along with people, objects, buildings, etc. This includes even Hero Relics. When Ryner first uses the power of this stigma it allowed him to unleash a blast that killed hundreds of thousands of people, and when clashing with the blast unleashed by Glouvil, the two negated eachother and both got canceled out.

Abilities Edit

  • Ultimate Analyzation Akin to the Alpha Stigma's ability, this stigma is capable of analyzing magic of all forms, but on a better scale than the Alpha Stigma can. But its analyzation also works on humans, objects, and even Hero Relics with likely a much wider variety of things.
  • Light Blasts Though mostly used on one occasion, Ryner demonstrated this ability once he awoke this stigma by killing hundred of thousands of people with a single extremely powerful blast that moved like a fan. Seemingly as powerful as Glouvil, as the two blasts colliding nullified eachother.
  • Erasure Used by Ryner against Alpha, this ability can be extremely powerful, as after Ryner anaylzed Alpha using this stigma, he erased him, ending Alpha's rampage.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Exhaustion The only known weakness so far of this unnamed stigma is that after Ryner used his light to kill hundreds of thousands and nullify Glouvil's blast, along with erasing Alpha was that Ryner had passed out for nine days straight.
  • Life Cost (Theoretical) This possibility is theorized by Ryner, having said that all magic has a cost, some kind of drawback to using it or possessing it. Though not confirmed, Ryner has said that when he uses a light blast like he did it may be shortening his life span, having wished it reached zero because he had killed so many people in one attack.

Crystallization Edit

It is not known if this stigma is capable of being crystallized.

Other Stigmas Edit

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