voiced by Junji Majima in episode 8.


He is a young officer in the Roland army who always accompanies Claugh Klom on campaigns. He first appeared in DYD Vol. 3.


He has blond hair and pale green eyes. He is extremely young (17 to 18 years old) to get such a high rank in the army as Claugh’s right hand man.


He is young; therefore, people tend to underestimate him, thinking he is inexperienced. However, he is incredibly intelligent and calculating since he used Bayuuz White to win over the Estabul troops. Furthermore, he is extremely loyal, dedicated, and respectful towards Claugh Klom.


DYD Vol. 3Edit

He is with Claugh at Suriad, Roland looking over the troops. Claugh leaves him in charge when he heads toward Estabul’s capital Ause.

DYD Vol. 7Edit

He works with Claugh and stages a “scene” using Colonel Bayuuz White to win over the Estabul troops. Bayuuz also acknowledges his skills at this point. He is with Claugh at the Belt Village when he faces Tiir Rumibul. When Claugh is defeated, he helps him to escape.

At some point, Sion joins the group, and they all head to face Tiir again. However, when a wounded Claugh tires to interfere with Sion’s strategy, Sion orders Shuss to take Claugh away.


  • Claugh’s thoughts about Shuss from the novel: “Blond hair gathered at the back, pale green eyes. He wasn't particularly tall. He was still young at age eighteen.

However, in spite of his young age, he'd supported Claugh in nearly all of his battles and alone was his long-time trusted confidant. Always composed, he would gather information and analyze the battle situation. But if he had one flaw, it was that he was a little too serious...Really far too serious, overly faithful, occasionally making the wrong judgment. And that was why he liked him. (DYD Vol. 7 Chapter 5)