Spirit Beast is a spell from Estabul. This spell is peculiar in that it has two different applications. It can be used offensively or defensively, with quite different results. The offensive version creates multiple wolf-like creatures of light who attack the enemy, while the defensive version covers the caster's legs in light grants them hugely increased agility. By using the defensive version of this spell, Ryner was able to dodge and keep up with attacks from Ferris and other close combat experts.


"I offer up this contract, to unleash the magic beast of light which dances through the skies!" is the chant of the offensive spell. It's glyph is red and is made of three empty circles which move from the head the caster then into the ground. The hands of the caster glow in the same color as the glyph and he joins them over his head and follows the movement of the glyph to activate the spell.

"I offer up this contract, to bear the wicked spirit beast which sleeps within the earth!" is the chant of the defensive spell.