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The Lonley Demon
Sabishigari no Akuma



Voced By

Jun Fukuyama (Japanese)
Ian Sinclair (English)

The Lonely Demon ( 寂しがり・の・悪魔 , Sabishigari no Akuma ) is a legendary demon lord. Devoured by The Mad Hero and had his essence split with Lucile Eris holding the "Demon" portion and Ryner Lute having the "Lonely" portion. "The Lonely Demon" appears in Ryner's inner world after Ryner awakens his power informing Ryner of Iluna Lieutolu's death.

Family and relationship[]

Most of The Lonely Demon's life is not known . At some point , he became friends with The Mad Hero .

It is revealed that Milk Callaud is actually the reincarnation of one of "The Goddesses" of fate that fell in love with the demon lord "The Lonely Demon" thousands of years ago.

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