Voiced by: Yūto Suzuki (Japanese), Todd Haberkorn (English)
Toale Nelphi

Toale Nelphi


Bearing brown hair and eyes, Toale is the grandson of Gread Nelphi, the previous King of Nelpha. Similar to Sion, he was born of the union between Prince Starnel and a lowly commoner. He is around the age of Ryner, has a gentle disposition, always thinks of others first, and works hard to take care of his “brothers and sisters”. As such, he is well-loved by the populace of former Imperial Nelpha.

Involvement in PlotEdit

Toale first met Ryner and Ferris when they just started their journey to search for “Relics of Heroes”, and did not know that they were from Roland initially, but treated them as important friends nevertheless. Without knowing of the incident initially, he was almost assassinated by Froaude then, if not for Ryner and Ferris. He also met with Sion in person briefly without realizing his true identity.

When Roland invaded Nelpha, he killed Prince Starnel during the confusion, and dispatched a letter of surrender in the name of his grandfather to Roland in order to minimize the loss of human lives. Subsequently, he led ten thousand troops together with commoners and flee the capital from a possible massacre. Later, Ryner, with the intention of rescuing his friend, came up a plan of escape for Toale and his people, and joined up with Toale together with Ferris, Kiefer, Iris, Arua, and Kuku. The plan backfired when Sion did not react the way Ryner expected, and the company was under heavy attack from Roland's troops, and much of Toale's forces perished. Toale carries feelings of love towards Kiefer, and during a large scale magical attack, as Toale tried to shield Kiefer, he was fatally wounded, having a third of his body destroyed, and would have died if not for the regenerative powers of the Rule Fragment, “Derunio (Death Displacement Stone) (死の転移 デルニオ, Derunio)”, provided by Voice, when the company was saved by the Anti-Roland Coalition. Thereafter, the remnants of Toale's forces join up with the Coalition.

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