Torche curse

While not having been seen in the anime, this type of eye has shown up in the manga. When activated, this eye stops the user's growth and development, so they do not appear to age, but their body feels sexual urges quicker. It appears as red birds over the bearer's eye, and allows the bearer to see into the future. Using this power appears to have negative effects on the body, as the only known bearer, Ene Lune became blind due to its overuse (to present, she was still able to see future). With each use, the bearer's eyes and hair become more purple. It's the rarest of all stigmas.  

Abilities Edit

  • Future Sight Bearers of Torch Curse have the ability to see the future, as shown when Ene peered into the future and saw the Ryner's awakening of his unnamed Tear Stigma.
  • Pause of Age the awakening of Torch Curse also means the bearer will no longer have their body age, as it stops their growth, so depending on the awakened age, thats how they will look for the rest of their lives, aside from self made changes or ones inflicted by Torch Curse itself.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Overuse Overuse of Torch Curse will lead to changes to the bearers body. Notably their hair color and loss of sight. Ene due to overuse of her Torch Curse lose her vision and had her hair turn purple as another unexplained side effect of the stigma.

Crystallization Edit

Known abilities of a crystallized Torch Curse have not been shown. Its possible that due to the rarity of this stigma that Gastark may never have crystallized a Torch Curse before.

Other StigmasEdit

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